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Week 5 – Meal Planning

Hi Friends! We’re into week five of 12 Weeks No Diets. This series is all about not dieting… but just because we’re not dieting doesn’t mean we shouldn’t practice healthy eating habits. Meal planning is… (Read More)

12 Weeks No Diets, Week 3

Hi 🙂 Today we start week 3 of 12 Weeks No Diets! To recap, here are the goals from the past two weeks. Mindful Goals: Eat when you’re hungry, Stop when you’re satisfied. Identify any… (Read More)

12 Weeks No Diets – Emotional Eating

  Hi! Thanks for the positive response to “12 Weeks No Diets!”  I’m so happy to hear so many of you are excited about it!  Since my posting on Monday, I’ve gotten a lot of emails about… (Read More)

No Diets in the New Year! Plus… How a Dietitian Really Eats

I will also be adding a “12 No Diet’s” page on my blog for readers to keep track of all the tips and ask any questions that may come up. … When I was thinking of a way to put how I eat into words, I knew the best way to describe it was to let you know how I got to the healthy place I am now.