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Valentine Pin Wheels

Since M started preschool, we have been having fun coming up all sorts of ideas for Valentine cards. Last year we made bookmarks, this year, Valentine Pin Wheels. I wish I could say I was… (Read More)

Rolo Rice Krispy Treats

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? This is the first year M understands what Valentine’s Day is. She is so excited! She told me she wanted to put hearts all over the house, make heart… (Read More)

A Message for Mr. Weekly Bite…

P.S. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, and the box of delicious chocolates, and for M’s squishy teddy bear. She loves it 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Google Reader is fixed! Please update your Google Readers Someone got their first Valentine’s Day card! First thing she tried to do was eat the card… of course… I hope you have a… (Read More)