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Pregnancy & Weight Gain

Hi Friends 🙂 Around this time last year I wrote about Pregnancy & Weight Gain Worries. Now that I’ve got a bun in the oven (again) I thought I’d revisit the topic. A few days… (Read More)

Pregnancy & Weight Gain Worries

Hi There 🙂 Did you have a good weekend? Mine was great! Pretty low key, which is nice. For my post today I wanted to talk about pregnancy and body image…. I’ve gotten many many… (Read More)

Relationship Weight Gain

Each Person’s Eating Schedule is Different It’s pretty rare that two people are both hungry at the same time each day. … If you’re hungry for lunch at 1pm and dinner isn’t until 7:30pm, you want to plan a moderate snack somewhere in the middle, that way you feel comfortably hungry at dinner.