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Keep your family healthy with tips & recipes during the ProduceforKids Twitter Party

Produce for Kids Twitter Party Banner

Join the #ProduceforKids Twitter Party on October 22 at 9pm EST to learn more about how Produce for Kids and its new website can help you with the daily struggles & triumphs of healthy eating as a family. They’ll also be giving away four gift baskets from Sprout® TV, filled with Chica-inspired items! RSVP by following the link below and join the conversation at October 22 using #ProduceforKids.


Produce for Kids and its board of parents experts are tweeting all about healthy eating and how the new can help your family stay on track. Join in on Twitter on October 22 at 9pm ET using the hashtag #ProduceforKids and you might win a Chica-inspired gift basket from Sprout TV! For more information:

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