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Tagged in: Kid Snacks

Five Creative Snacks For Kid’s

As parents, we all know how busy our days can get, and when it comes to kiddie snacks it’s easy to reach for quick and convenient options. Both of my girls love being in the kitchen and… (Read More)

Kiddie Snack: Cantaloupe Smoothie

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been going through massive quantities of melon. The weather has been so hot lately, and the sweet, thirst quenching effects of melon has been a welcoming & refreshing snack…. (Read More)

Hydrating Snacks for the Kiddos

  Keeping Kids Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated! It’s summer time! Which means that your kids are mostly going to be outside and always on the go. It can be difficult to get them to stop… (Read More)

On-the-Go Kiddie Snacks

Hi there! I have received several emails asking to show some on-the-go snacks. I have to admit, on-the-go snacks is something I need work on. In an ideal world, I prefer my kid’s eat each… (Read More)

Four Day’s of Kiddie Snacks

Shopping List: Strawberries Blueberries Natural Peanut Butter Peaches Graham Crackers Late July Mini Organic Peanut Butter Crackers Jamba Juice all fruit smoothie I have four day’s of kiddie snacks for you. This was a very… (Read More)

Three Days of Kiddie Snacks

  Shopping List: All Natural Unsweetened Applesauce Bananas (organic if possible) Natural Peanut Butter Sunflower Seed Butter Pretzel Snaps (Snyder’s of Hanover) Fage Greek Yogurt & Fruit Cups Graham Crackers (all natural) I didn’t quite… (Read More)