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Tagged in: Kiddie Treat

Energy Candy Bites

During the first part of my pregnancy, my food cravings were all over the map. I craved lots sour foods (like lemons) and had an intense urge to eat a Subway Sandwich, like everysingleday. Now… (Read More)

Vanilla Bean Applesauce

Mmmmm…. Applesauce just got a whole lot better! I use to make homemade applesauce for M all the time but for some reason have moved away from it. With a surplus of apples on hand… (Read More)

Honey Nut Balls {Kiddie Treat}

I took yesterday off and used it as a “processing” day. It definitely helped. I needed to switch my mindset from buying a home in San Diego back to selling our house here. What happened… (Read More)

Nutty Popcorn Snack Mix {Kiddie Treat}

We were having your standard Sunday morning. Coffee was consumed, the newspaper was read, cartoons were watched, and then it was time to get ready for for the day. I got dressed, walked into my… (Read More)

Flower Pot Dessert {kiddie treat}

Made with chocolate avocado pudding Before you cringe at the fact that I used avocado’s to make chocolate pudding, let’s talk about how incredibly cute this kiddie treat looks! We had these flower pot desserts… (Read More)