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Tagged in: Mindful Eating

Nutrition Talk – {Take II}

I’m wrapping up my blog posts for the Dairy Council of California with a three part series “Concrete Steps for Letting Go of Diets.” In Part I I’ll talk about how to gradually stop counting… (Read More)

Nutrition Talk

Its been many months since I’ve written a post about nutrition.  With the New Year in full swing I thought it was perfect timing for a nutrition post.  If you’ve been reading my blog for… (Read More)

Drink Booze + Stay Skinny?

I thought I’d start your Wednesday off with a dose of cuteness… Moving on 🙂 I ran my 6 miles yesterday… it was rough. I think it was the humidity, combined with hills, combined with… (Read More)

12 Weeks, No Diets – Week 2

Hi! 🙂 Today we start week two of 12 Weeks No Diets! To recap, here were last weeks goals. Eat when we’re hungry, stop when we’re satisfied Drink at least 12 oz of water with… (Read More)