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Tagged in: quick dinner

Edamame Kale & Sweet Cherry Salad

With February being National Heart Month, and in coordination with the NFRA & Easy Home Meals,  I created this healthy Edamame Kale & Sweet Cherry Salad. The vibrant colors not only make this salad look… (Read More)

Cold Noodles with Peas & Peanut Sauce

If there are three things my family loves to eat the most, its pasta, peas, & peanut butter (not necessarily in that order). Every trip to the grocery store always include whole wheat pasta, frozen… (Read More)

Easy Weeknight Meal: Red Beans & Rice

This is a recipe repeat, and definitely a recipe worth repeating. I was struggling with dinner ideas and remembered how easy my Red Beans & Rice recipe was.  I just happened to have all the… (Read More)