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Running With A Jogging Stroller

     When I was pregnant, my husband and I knew we wanted a jogging stroller. We’re both runners. After doing tons of research, we decided to purchase the Bob Revolution with the Infant Car Seat… (Read More)

Graham Cracker Nut Butter Cookies

I have a little bone to pick. Remember that post I wrote about running with a jogging stroller? Well… I wanted to go over some rules on what to do when you come across a… (Read More)

a day in my life…

1:30 a.m. LK wakes up hungry and ready to eat. As much as I’d like to speed this process up, I can’t. I end up going back to bed just after 2 a.m. 3:59 a.m…. (Read More)

Dream Machine…

Hi There! 🙂 How was your weekend? I had such a relaxing weekend! I loved it! I haven’t had a weekend like that in ages! It felt great. The weather never got higher than the… (Read More)