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Tagged in: Bites of Life

nap time

If you stand about four feet tall or less, you’re doing this right now… Don’t you just love how comfortable babies look when they sleep? I would give anything to look this comfortable. I did… (Read More)

our little story

I’ve gotten several emails asking how Mr. Weekly Bite and I met. Here’s our little story… I had actually seen him a couple times before we actually met. It was my senior year in college… (Read More)

what really happened yesterday…

My intentions were to do lots of this yesterday… but it just didn’t happen. You know how it goes… one crazy thing after another kept coming up. So crazy that I was convinced there was… (Read More)

The Bumble-Bee…

Cuteness doesn’t even began to describe this… Or this… If the cutest bumble bee you’ve ever seen in your entire life happens to knock on your door this Halloween Sunday, here is a list of… (Read More)