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Tagged in: Bites of Life

Dress Up Time?

Check out this super sweet outfit…. Let’s go ahead and point out the highlights of this rockstar attire. First off, she’s wearing her PJ’s, not even cute pj’s, old faded pj’s. She’s wearing a pair… (Read More)

Gettin’ Crafty

The home improvement kick continues!!  I blame it on all the decorating blogs I’ve been reading. I’ve been reading waaaay to many decorating blogs.  I would list off my favorites to you, but the list… (Read More)

Weekly Bite Holiday Home

A COLORFUL CHRISTMAS We were a little late this year with our holiday decorating. We figured better late then never. So on Saturday Mr. Weekly Bite went and bought us a christmas tree and the… (Read More)

Glitter Galore!

Saturday was our first ever mother/daughter crafting experience. I think I was more excited about this than she was (she had no idea how much fun was to be had). Our project to was make… (Read More)

My Random Thoughts Journal

Sometimes I think I’m still in Junior High… You see, I have this never ending obsession with stickers and doodling. I feel like I’ve made some progress over the years. My stickers have advance from… (Read More)

only child syndrome…

Shiner’s been acting strange for about six weeks now. I know this because he’s had the same routine for close to eleven years. He sleeps in till about 8 every morning He frollicks in the… (Read More)

me time….

Last week Mr. Weekly Bite was off for six whole days! Lucky us 🙂 Mr. Weekly Bite off = Lots of me time! I had a gift card and a couple of exchanges to make… (Read More)

look out pottery barn….

Did you know that I’ve had this sewing machine for 3 years and have never used it?! Brand new, in the box, never used. I’ve always loved the idea of saving a little money by… (Read More)

School Pictures

The holiday season is here!! Cue the all holiday music channels on Sirius and XM, start the crazy advertisements and “mega” sales at 5 in the morning. Today you are probably packing the car or… (Read More)