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Tagged in: Crafts

Easy Holiday Craft for a 2-Year-Old

We don’t do nearly as much crafts as we should, but being the holidays, I put some time aside to do a little craft with M. I spotted this pinecone craft on Pinterest and thought… (Read More)

Gettin’ Crafty

The home improvement kick continues!!  I blame it on all the decorating blogs I’ve been reading. I’ve been reading waaaay to many decorating blogs.  I would list off my favorites to you, but the list… (Read More)

Glitter Galore!

Saturday was our first ever mother/daughter crafting experience. I think I was more excited about this than she was (she had no idea how much fun was to be had). Our project to was make… (Read More)

Whats On Your Christmas Tree?

I have several obsessions in my life. Among them are all things vintage, numbers, stars, glitter… did I mention all things vintage? Oh, and coffee mugs… but that’s another story. This year I decided to… (Read More)