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Tagged in: Drinks & Smoothies

Kiddie Snack: Cantaloupe Smoothie

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been going through massive quantities of melon. The weather has been so hot lately, and the sweet, thirst quenching effects of melon has been a welcoming & refreshing snack…. (Read More)

Spinach Banana Oat Smoothie

It’s the New Year! This means we can start doing crazy things like shove raw spinach in our mouth and add oats to smoothies. Right? All kidding aside, green smoothies are a favorite of mine… (Read More)

Turbinado Lime Cooler

There are two things I’m craving more than anything right now. 1) The desire to go for a nice long sweaty run. 2) An ice cold, salt laced, tequila infused margarita. Since I can’t do… (Read More)