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Tagged in: Motherhood

My Wallet…

This my wallet. Cute, huh? I got it over the summer at Urban Outfitters… on sale for only 10 bucks! Score! I’m a sucker for a good deal. Its a larger size wallet… one might… (Read More)

My Learning Curve

Dang… I desperately need some new running shoes. But that’s not what this post is about. I’ve been a mother for a little over sixteen months now… five of those months as a stay-at-home-mom… and… (Read More)

The First Day…

Phew… its been one busy day! 6am – Wake up 6:15 – Get breakfast ready for M 6:30 – M wakes up 6:50 – M eats breakfast 6:55 – Pack M’s lunch while she’s eating… (Read More)

I Just Can’t Trust Her!

All I had to do was pee… I was only gone for twenty seconds…. twenty-five tops! And there she was… shoveling in her mouth… a brand new box of my favorite Kashi Triple Berry Crisp… (Read More)

My New Job

Three weeks ago I resigned from my position as Director of Clinical Nutrition. This decision did not come easy. I’ve worked very hard for my career… I felt like I’d always work…. until my daughter… (Read More)

How I Eat On the Go

Hi There! Thank you for all the kind comments regarding my Adjusting to Motherhood post. Routines or not… becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me… even if it means… (Read More)

My Life With This Chick

For those of you who haven’t met her… this is my daughter, and I think she’s pretty cool. The day this baby was born, my life changed forever. I had an idea that a baby… (Read More)