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Tagged in: Side Dishes

Mac & Cheese Muffins (Power Your Lunchbox)

I am so excited to be a part of the new Power Your Lunchbox Pledge by Produce for Kids®, which launched August 11 and runs through September 15. It encourages parents to pack healthier lunchboxes for their kids this… (Read More)

Easy Basil Pesto

I consider Pesto as THE ingredient of summer. Basil grows like crazy during the summer season. In fact, it grows so fast we that think of all sorts of ways to use it. One thing… (Read More)

Honey-Lime Melon Salad

 With temperatures creeping up to warmer weather my family and I have been craving ice cold melon. One of my favorite salads to make is this Honey-Lime Melon Salad. The combo of the sweet melon… (Read More)

Slimmed Down Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving is this week! How did that happen. I don’t know about you but time seems to by flying by for me and Thanksgiving just snuck up. If you have been following my blog for… (Read More)

Matchstick Zucchini Fries

I can’t believe it has been almost three years since I posted my original recipe for zucchini fries. Boy has my little blog changed since then. I started making these as a healthy way to… (Read More)

Pesto & Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad

I love the smell of fresh basil, especially in the summer. With our summer garden in full bloom, we have hundreds of cherry tomatoes and huge barrels of fresh basil just waiting to be used…. (Read More)

Chopped Asparagus Salad

I have been craving a lot of fresh salads lately. Whether it be fruit or veggies, I love chopping up all sorts of veggies, throwing them together and enjoying. Before this salad, I had never… (Read More)

Edamame Kale & Sweet Cherry Salad

With February being National Heart Month, and in coordination with the NFRA & Easy Home Meals,  I created this healthy Edamame Kale & Sweet Cherry Salad. The vibrant colors not only make this salad look… (Read More)