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Tagged in: Kiddie Lunch Box

a favorite lunch – kiddie style

There’s lots of words coming out of M’s mouth these days. Most words are her made-up version of what the real word’s suppose to sound like. Except for ‘No.’ She’s got that word down pat…. (Read More)

fruit salsa – kiddie style

If you’re looking for a holiday snack or appetizer for the kiddos… this is it! When I first heard of this fruit salsa I had my reservations. This Texas girl likes her salsa hot and… (Read More)

country breakfast – kiddie style

I slept in till 7:50 this morning…. When I walked down the stairs, this was scene… Fireplace blazing… Petey the pillow-pet enjoying the cozy fire… Random farm animals enjoying the cozy fire… M digging through… (Read More)

Meat Free Kid Lunches

Its Kiddie Lunch Box… Bento Style! Since M started going to preschool a couple times a week, I needed to think of a better lunch box for her. I was sending her to school with… (Read More)

Do You Habla?

Hola! Como Estas? Yesterday was a rough day in the WB house… but we’ve moved passed it and we’re back to our happy place 🙂 Amidst the chaos, I did my best to make M… (Read More)

De-Stress Away…

Hello 🙂 How are you? I’m doing much better today then yesterday. But before I get into yesterday, I wanted to show you what I made. Remember those Zucchini Fries I made? They were so… (Read More)